03 January

Narcosis by director Martijn de Jong and screenwriter Laura van Dijk is one of the two projects that have been selected for realization funding of De Oversteek. Which means that it will definitely be made!

De Oversteek is a cooperation project by the Film Fund, NPO-Fund, CoBo, VPRO and NTR for young directors who wish to make their first feature film. Previously Martijn de Jong and Laura van Dijk made One Night Stand Free together, which won awards at the Oldenburg International Film Festival and Nice Film Festival and was nominated for a Golden Calf.

Narcosis is a magical realistic movie about a mother and her two children who try to avoid the death of their husband and father in an unconventional way. We will shoot the film in the summer of 2020 and it will probably be out in the cinema’s and broadcasted on television by 2021.