International succes for Short calf muscle

06 August

Short film Short Calf Muscle by screenwriter/director Victoria Warmerdam has been screened at 12 different international film festivals in the past months. The film has won awards for Best Comedy at the Mexico International Film Festival and Best Film at the Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival. 

Short Calf Muscle was made as part of the Film Fund Shorts with funding of The Dutch Film Fund and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. The film is an absurdist black comedy about Anders. Anders is different. He just doesn’t know it himself yet. Yes, he is gay too, but that’s besides the point. There is something that others see, but he doesn’t. 

Dutch comedian Henry van Loon plays the leading part. Also the rest of the cast consist of great actors of Dutch origin, amongst whom Beppie Melissen, Sieger Sloot, Michiel Kerbosch and Raymonde de Kuyper. 

For now at least 15 film festivals are on the horizon, but there are more to come without a doubt. You can follow Short Calf Muscle’s journey through our Facebook.