23 April

Our short film Hold on by Charlotte Scott-Wilson won the award Best Narrative Short during the TriBeCa Film Festival.
Hold on tells the story about Kyra, played by Charlie Chan Dagelet. A young, talented cellist suddenly develops stage fright after one of her cello strings comes lose during an important performance.

In april 2015 Hold On was supported by the Dutch Film Fund, and by the AFK and Fund 1818. The award is important because Tribeca is Oscar-qualifying which means Hold On could be nominated for an Oscar.

The jury was Mike Birbiglia, Chloe Grace Moretz and Sheila Nevins.

Jury comment
“The jury was moved by one particular film because it is simultaneously about the price of performance, and the entirely unique idea that the protagonist’s musical performance itself succeeds on the back of her own self-doubt, torture, and anxiety. We were also blown away by the remarkable performance of the lead actress in both her emotional depth combined with her musical proficiency.”