King of the Road


Racist truck driver Barry is being assigned a new co-driver of Moroccan descent right after his own co-driver has been beaten up by a group of Moroccans.

Barry watches helplessly as his co-driver is being beaten into the hospital by a group of young Moroccan men.  When his colleague’s substitute appears to be of Moroccan descent, named Sadiq, Barry flips. Tensions are increasing as the two of them are forced to spend several days sharing the truck during an international ride.

Barry and Sadiq get to know each other bit by bit, but the question remains whether this will result in an extraordinary friendship or the ultimate confrontation.


Guido Pollemans, Majd Mardo, Sophie Höppener, Roeland Fernhout, Rian Gerritsen


Danyael Sugawara


Marcel Visbeen


Director of Photography Mick van Rossum
Sound Design Mark Glynne
Production Design Romke Faber
Music Matthijs Kieboom
Editor Elsbeth Kasteel
Production Manager Philippe Wentrup