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Growth is about a family that moves in a new house and lives there for twenty years.

While we slide through time in a smooth camera motion seeing the house getting bigger, richer and more luxurious, the family is growing apart hopelessly.

In the end it’s the older brother who breaks the downward spiral of financial prosperity and personal downfall by taking his brother by the arm, guiding him out of the luxurious and loveless house towards his own, new future.

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Medi Broekman, Egbert Jan Weber, Gijs Blom, Sil Bosch


Sil van der Woerd


Philip Delmaar


director of photography Lennart Hillege
editor Sil van der Woerd
art director Romke Faber
sound design Mark Glynne, Selle Sellink
visual effects Storm Post Production

Festivals & Awards

Dutch Film Festival Gouden Kalf Competition
CinéGlobe International Film Festival 2017: Myths & Realities
Movievalley Bazzacinema Best Set Design
GOShort Filmfestival 2017
Short of the Year Online Audience Award Shortlist


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